coming back around

Well alright...I've been out of my own loop for a loooong time, and am trying to get myself back in the game here.

Easter here was lovely- and I hope the same is true for you. I love Easter as a celebration of Spring: the renewal of cycles and wakening of spirits (and an occasion to make lovely cookies). Although it's been dreary here weather-wise, I'm still feeling the effects of the shift in the seasons, and am looking forward to the newness of things.

Because people, I did not enjoy March and I completely missed April.

March began with each member of my little family being badly sick: fevers on the couch for days, a terrible beginning- truly in like a lion. The month concluded not with lambs, but with the death of my one remaining grandmother. She lived a wonderful, amazing, inspiring life of 90 years and was ready to go. But her decline and final days came upon us unexpectedly - and while I'm happy she didn't suffer long, I can't say losing her wasn't a tremendous personal loss. And seriously- didn't I just do this?

I think I knew that I'd need to share this the next time I posted...so I just didn't post. But now I have, and can move on with things. I don't have much art to post, and have thoughts on that which I'll share next time. In the meantime, I just wanted to get myself back here. I wanted to get back to my friends here, and wish you all a happy spring.