WooHoo! Can you believe it? Two posts in the same month...incredible. This is a quick one though- to say thanks to all the wonderful people who stopped by while I was working in Cedarburg throughout October. The Artist in Residency program was a blast- I met loads of lovely and encouraging people and I actually came away with a few new finished pieces:

This is a not great, last minute shot of six new minis I pulled together to add to the collection I needed to drop off for an upcoming show at Art Bar in Milwaukee's cool Riverwest neighborhood. The show is all minis- 8x8 max- and all very resonably priced (nothing over $100!), so I highly encourage you to check it out. The opening is November 4th and it runs through January 2nd. (If you make it to the opening- please let me know how it is- as I'll be out of town that weekend!) I sent a total of 14 over...you can see the whole set here. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Now- I'm off to finish up those Halloween costumes I mentioned in my last post, as well as food for my son's birthday brunch tomorrow, and cupcakes for school the next day. I'm in the home-stretch: I'm looking forward to a slightly less manic November.

Thanks for checking in!



Woah. This has been such a busy several weeks. I won't go into the fact that I've been making some fairly complicated halloween costumes for the boys, volunteering at the Museum of Wisconsin Art more and more and trying to cultivate a fragile relationship with the gym...What I can't believe is that I'm now already 3/4 of the way through my artist in residence month at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, and have yet to post about it! So many really lovely people have stopped by to chat with me- and they're all great about taking my business card...which leads them here- and until now, to a month old post about my last art fair. (That event was small but great, by the way!)

Time to remedy that with a few shots of how I've set up my workspace for the month:

Having schlepped out all of my bits and pieces of books and papers, patterns and ephemera, paints, pencils, glues and everything else- I set it up the first day and have just left it there all month- even on the days I'm not there working. I'm getting some fun stuff done, and am letting myself just play around. I've been feeling for a while like I'd like to change direction somehow, though I don't know where I'll go or how I'll decide to get there. This month has given me some nice time to just see what develops.

My most immediate next stop is the miniature show at Milwaukee's Art Bar, opening November 4th. I won't be able to make the opening, but my work will be there- with many other local artists'- through December, so if you're local I'd love for you to check out the show. Then there's the Holiday Art Fair in Cedarburg, the first weekend of December...I'll have lots of paper-goods on hand, as well as my larger paintings and some archival prints. The fair is a good one- and Cedarburg is a great place to start your holiday browsing!

I keep feeling sort of guilty for how infrequently I post...but I guess not guilty enough to really change things. Sorry! The truth is, I've never been good about recording things. I never kept a diary or a journal, never carried a skethcbook around with me to sketch every day, never kept up with taking pictures of people, places or things (we just had my son's 9th birthday and found that the memory was full on the camera because there were still pictures on there of his 8th birthday!). I can tell it's the same sort of  thing with blogging: I love reading the blogs of people that document the day-to-day, and truly do feel that my day-to-day could be totally blog-worthy...but it's just not in my nature to jot it all down. I will always try to get a new post up when I've got some new work I'm excited to show you. I'm sorry if it takes a while in between posts...but I hope it's still worth your while to stop by once in a while anyway, because I really appreciate that you do.