I did a little sewing this week...some celebration bunting! I made it double sided- bright, general happy colors on one side and all reds and pinks on the others- since Valentine's Day is coming. This and another one are heading out to friends who've recently had babies...I always figure there are lots of days to celebrate in general family life: first days of school, ballet recitals, Birthdays, lost teeth...big and small- and you're always ready to party if you've got an 18-foot bunting at your disposal!


letting go

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that this little guy found a new home...thanks so much to the person who bought it!

fabulous and wonderful

Well Gallery Night was absolutely fantastic...I am so thankful to the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre for inviting me to exhibit in the great space at the Broadway. The work was hung in a way that made it very accessible, it was lighted nicely, and it just looked great. There was a constant flow of people through the space, and everyone was so interested and encouraging. A number of people asked wonderful, engaging questions, and the general response to my work was very positive...so thank you so much to all who came out on a cold night, and came up to take a look at my work!

Thanks too, to my wonderful, supportive and helpful family! My being able to do this is definitely a group effort at times!

What a great night...I'm so motivated.


disaster area

This is a shot of my studio desk during production. At one point, I lost a tiny, miniscule clipping from an old dictionary, and it took me about 5 minutes to find it. (It had fallen onto my lap)

I'm embarassed to admit that when I'm this focused on getting ready for a show, the entire rest of the house and my family suffer extreme neglect. The boys haven't had a bath in several days, I'm passing up good food in the fridge in favor of McDonald's because I don't want to break momentum and cook and the living room rug is still covered with shards of sticks I let our dog and my parents' puppy chew on two days ago. (Letting dogs chew on sticks in the house is a messy idea, by the way- but I really needed to work, so it helped keep them occupied). I hang the show tomorrow morning and promise to make an attempt to restore order as soon as possible after that.


Come see this:

Here's a little something new I made this week. I'd love to figure out how to get rid of the black border, but I'm just excited that I got a picture to post at all. (if you click it, you'll go to my flickr page- more pictures, more art!)

If you're planning on heading down to Gallery Night in Milwaukee's Third Ward this Friday, stop by and see me! I have twelve pieces hanging on the 2nd floor of the Broadway Theater Center, in the Skylight Bar and Bistro...a great place to stop and warm up on a January night in Milwaukee. This show is thanks to the wonderful people at the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, one of the fantastic companies that operates out of the Broadway.

And yes, I realize I've gone a little overboard with the links in this post.

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Here I am

Why Hello!

Here I am- diving into the mix. My intention here is to post about whatever I'm working on, but I imagine bits of regular life will sneak in here and there. It's all mixed together every day, so why not mix it in here, too?

I'm getting ready for a little Gallery Night gig next Friday. After that, noting is officially on the calendar until June. I'm hoping this blog will help me stay motivated to keep working. You just have to promise that if I post new work, you'll comment...I'm not afraid of some good, honest, constructive criticism- in fact, the search for a thoughtful critique once in a while is what led me to blogging in the first place!