Come see this:

Here's a little something new I made this week. I'd love to figure out how to get rid of the black border, but I'm just excited that I got a picture to post at all. (if you click it, you'll go to my flickr page- more pictures, more art!)

If you're planning on heading down to Gallery Night in Milwaukee's Third Ward this Friday, stop by and see me! I have twelve pieces hanging on the 2nd floor of the Broadway Theater Center, in the Skylight Bar and Bistro...a great place to stop and warm up on a January night in Milwaukee. This show is thanks to the wonderful people at the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, one of the fantastic companies that operates out of the Broadway.

And yes, I realize I've gone a little overboard with the links in this post.

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Jennifer said...

Really nice pieces Meg - I like your new work! I wish we could be in Milwaukee to see your show - how long will it hang at the theater? J.P.