fabulous and wonderful

Well Gallery Night was absolutely fantastic...I am so thankful to the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre for inviting me to exhibit in the great space at the Broadway. The work was hung in a way that made it very accessible, it was lighted nicely, and it just looked great. There was a constant flow of people through the space, and everyone was so interested and encouraging. A number of people asked wonderful, engaging questions, and the general response to my work was very positive...so thank you so much to all who came out on a cold night, and came up to take a look at my work!

Thanks too, to my wonderful, supportive and helpful family! My being able to do this is definitely a group effort at times!

What a great night...I'm so motivated.


Anonymous said...

Megan -- Congrats! Sorry we missed the opening, but can we come on Sunday? I'd like to bring your Grama . . . Susan :)

Jennifer said...

This looks great! Your pieces work on any wall! We will have to talk about doing a piece for our new house.