One more new piece- done for a fundraising event in early February. I got to work all day with five other fun artists ~ we each scrambled to finish a piece in eight hours, with the results being donated to an auction for a local arts center. Eight hours is not too outside the normal number of hours a piece takes for me, I guess, but I'm definitely used to stretching that time out over a few days, letting things dry and ideas percolate. In the end, the pressure and excitement, as well as artist camaraderie, must have been good for me: this is one of my favorite pieces in a long time!



Here are a few quick shots of pieces I finished in the new Studio last month. Now that I'm all settled in, I'm working on trying to relax and just play a little. I find that I still want to express the same sorts of things: the layers of moments that make up our experiences - I'm just seeing the work evolve in slightly different, more abstract ways.