making up for lost time

I had a bit of a kink in my neck that made pitch-forking the garden and planting potatoes yesterday not so fun. Fortunately, it didn't hinder me in the studio. So here I am- a month of blog-silence, and now two posts in as many days!

The kink is feeling better today, so back outside I go...but first I'm going to ask you all for a little constructive criticism of this piece- I'm feeling like it might need some fine-tuning, but maybe not? Obviously, I am not quite sure. Your thoughts?


April post- just in time


At last, a new painting finished. It's been a busy April, I'm glad I finally got myself into the studio to work for a while. This image may be a little brighter than the original- the real thing is quite springy, but maybe not so acid-green. (insert "I am not a photographer" disclaimer here)

I've been working hard on lots and lots of notecards and stationary products in the last few weeks...I'll get a shot of them for next week- and tell you all about the show they're being made up for. In the meantime, I'm going to go turn up the garden and get some potatoes in the ground!