Sincerely getting some work done

A great shop in a neighboring town has offered to help test market the line of notecards, gift tags etc. that I'm slowly beginning to develop under the name Sincerely Handmade. I whipped up a bunch of petite gift tags, larger wine bottle hang-tags and notecard sets using all sorts of vintage epehmera, and I'm super happy with the results.

So, if you're in the Wauwatosa area, check them out at Tuesday's Child on Harwood. I'll be making more for my booth at Cedarburg's Arts Weekend in October, but in the meantime if you're dying to hang a great tag on a wine bottle you're giving as a  hostess gift, or to write someone an actual old-fashioned letter that you mail with a stamp- shoot me an email and I'll hook you up.

I haven't been painting much this summer, but I did run one children's collage workshop- also at Tuesday's Child - which was a lot of fun- kids are soooo creative.

Other than that, I've been busy in terms of summer stuff: hanging out at little lake-beaches with the boys, working in the garden, painting rooms, wrapping up some unfinished projects (hemming curtains) and planning new projects (an upholstered headboard). We've had a good deal of family time too...much of it generated by the loss of my grandmother- but despite the sadness that brought us together- we were together, and that was wonderful.

Now we're into August, and I'm really going to try to fit in more time in the studio. I'm excited to get some work done. Also, with a September deadline to talk to a shop in the Chicago suburbs about carrying my work, and an October deadline for my first booth at a weekend art fair, I'm motivated to replenish my 'stock'. So with any luck, I'll be back with a few more posts this month.


Anonymous said...

At quilt guild meeting last week - the fiber artist who spoke was so interesting and inspiring. She shared some quotes - and this one made me think of you and the way your work is changing/moving/developing!

"You are the creator; give your art the freedom to choose its path. Pay attention, you will see this path. Pay attention, your art will speak to you. Pay attention, and your art will speak to others." - A. Wayne Hooker

Love from your biggest fan! :-)

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Hey fan! That's an awesome quote- very appropriate for me right now- thanks!

Tanya-Yanata said...

Hi, Megan!
lovely tags and postcards! shabby colors are just what my eyes need after colors of the summer (but burning leaves are coming soon).
Congrats on your work!
Oh and i know another one: When your work speaks for itself don't interrupt:)))