at long last

I am officially announcing the opening of my second little shop on etsy...sincerely handmade!

Truthfully, I began putting items up there about a month ago, but I've got a little more variety in the shop now- and will be posting a few more things in the coming days, so I felt it was now finally time to formally invite you to stop by:

I also thank you for stopping by here...I know I've been quiet lately and I appreciate you still checking in.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about how much room I want to give online techonogy in my life - both my creative life and my personal relationships. I'm working out the balance, because it was feeling a little skewed for a while. I know that I do like posting my work here and being a part of the little conversations that can happen online...So I will be getting back to posting more, just as soon as I've got some new work to share. (Mind you, the holidays are sneaking up on us and may infringe upon my time to make anything worthy of posting...but I'll do my best!)

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Anonymous said...

very cute stuff...I love the vintage patterns.