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Happy New Year!

I really had so many intentions of posting through the holidays...I'd intended to show off our gorgeous Christmas tree, some great cooking, and the piles of snow we had. But- as is usually the case- I was having too much fun in the moment to snap any good pictures and post them. I hope you were having just as much fun being in your holiday moments.

I thought I'd post a few pieces I've been working on this week. I've gotten into a miniatures show in Cedarburg, with a maximum dimension of 5 inches square. I typically work small usually 6-7" square...but then frame in a 10x10" shadowbox frame. For this show, 5x5" is the max- frame and all. So I'm working on cradeled boards, and it's been fun:

I'm enjoying letting the image area wrap around the sides, and the boards are really strong- very forgiving in terms of layering things on and scraping & sanding off. It's also nice to save time (and money) on framing...but to tell the truth, I really prefer my usual method of creating my own surface by layering together vintage papers and just working right on that without a heavy backer. I like the feel of the paper and the irregularities of it- not to mention the option of running it through the sewing machine for added line and texture. I also like the feeling of a finished piece floating in a shadowbox frame. However- 5" square is really tiny when it includes the frame, so cradeled boards it was!

I'm heading to a art/craft weekend in Madison this weekend- am determined to build up my sincerely handmade stock, as I've got a few local options for showing & selling cropping up.

I'm also excited to be taking my first ever online course- "in the fishbowl", led by Marisa Haedike of the amazing Creative Thursday . I've followed Marisa's blog for well over a year and can only imagine what a great class I'm in for.

So- it feels like I'm heading out into 2011 with purpose, and I'm interested to see where it'll take me.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lady!

I usually work on cradles and am doing some quick, small, spontaneous pieces. Usually, the smallest I work is 8"x8"x2" and up to 30"x40" Anyway, the little guys are really little and you are right. It is a TINY thing.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I like how you have been wrapping the sides. I have just started doing that and your's look a heck of a lot better.



Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Mary- you just set the record for world's fastest comment! Thanks so much...after not posting for so long, I was worried nobody would remember me! :)

Linn Woodard said...

I go on your site every night to see what's new! Love this effort - and the new format.
Your Biggest Fan.