Hi! September's here, and we're all loving the beautiful weather and are adjusting to new routines. So far so good...boys are happy at school and I'm enjoying the structure I've put together for my own days. So far I've got a good balance of household and gardening chores fitting in, a few good workouts per week and some studio time every day.

I just finished this piece for a friend who is making an exciting move:

taking charge

I was thinking about how it feels to just know it's time to do something- to take charge and get going.

In the next few weeks I'll be finishing up a few more small birds for the art fair I'm participating in in early October. I also hit the jackpot several times over at the antique shops last weekend, and have lots of fun material for new notecards and wine tags for the same show. Sounds like I may have enough to pull together more than one post this month- amazing!

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