done for a while

So, obviously I've not been a very consistent blogger this summer. I don't make a lot of art in the summer...the kids and I hang and do summer in the summer. I have had a few wonderful shows this season though- made some great sales and some new friends. Thanks so much to any of you who are stopping by because I shoved my business card at you and said "visit my blog!!"

I think, though, that I'm going to officially take a break from the ol' blog for a while. It's occurred to me more and more that I just don't really want to be a "blogger". So I've decided it's time for me to honor that. Otherwise, I find that I'm really critical of myself when I don't post enough.

I'm going to be making art though, so I'll put it up here when I do!

Have a happy summer!


Jennifer Johansson said...

Hi Megan! It was great to meet you in real life at Kohler.

I totally understand your break from your blog....It can take a lot of time for not a lot of return. Just don't disappear forever! I enjoy seeing what you're up to.

Jenny Blair said...

Hi Megan! Oh my! it has been ages since I've visited but can I just say how much I am LOVING your pieces with your own little bird drawings,really beautiful!And the toadstool piece too...delightful! *sigh*! I hope your summer fairs are all giving you the same feedback :)
Thankyou so much for your visit and kind words. I have been adding pieces bit by bit to my etsy shop (otherwise my mind gets well and truly scrambled!) "the Monarch" piece you asked about is now up there too if you're interested :)
I know what you mean about blogging...I keep trying to inject some "oomph" into my bloggy lethargy...but can never quite get there. Oh well I like to think we need some slow simmering blogs too amongst those punchy ones :)
Huge hugs to you xx