Well, yes, I've been gone for quite a while. For nearly the last two years I've been working in event planning, and I had a great time focusing on the 'project manager' parts of me that needed to exercise. It felt good, letting the art-making go fallow or a while…and now I am getting ready to come back and see what kinds of new things are ready to grow.

Kicking me off is the honor of having a piece accepted in a January group show at the Frank Juarez Gallery:

So glad to be showing with such a great group of artists. And honestly, I'm feeling for the very first time that I can comfortably call myself the same. Something about deciding to come back after this break. Something about turning 40, maybe. I've just decided that I am, indeed, an artist. Even possibly, a great one.

I am not, however, a great blogger. Nor do I want to be. Blogging, I found, made me look at every move I made under the lens of a very judgmental microscope. I've decided that this space will now just function as a spot to share work I want to share, and post events and shows in which I'll be participating. There: Just like that, no more microscope.

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