creative question marks

I am not at all sure where this one is heading...I'm sorting through ideas of multi-pieced compositions- and a sense of a game board, or pieces that fit together but aren't assembled yet. I've got celebratory bunting and circus-themes on my mind, bright colors and springtime fun- but am not clear on how to bring them all together.  I'm trying to work in a lighter style- maybe not as much buildup of paint- but I'm still a girl who loves to layer, so I've got washes of paint with lots of overlaying colored pencil and oil pastel for texture. Part of me wonders if this could be framed up in a shadow-box and called finished, or if it's basically a study for something that will keep developing. Well, actually- if it were done, I'd know it was done. So I guess it's not.

I guess I'm just letting myself experiment....I feel a new body of work coming on, and am curious to see what it will be. I've decided that I basically have enough pieces ready for my show in June- so the pressure's off there. Summer vacation is right around the corner, and since my June show hangs until September, I'm going to give myself a kind of break in the studio. I'll see if I can just let creativity flow, without a goal or a deadline to shoot for. My next commitment is a small booth in a weekend show in October. For that I think I'm going to focus on figuring out how to get prints made of some of the collage pieces I've already finished, and get some product ready for a second project that I'll tell you more about later.

So I'm predicting more posts about sketches and explorations, instead of finished pieces. Comments from you always make my day, but feedback on any of these creative question marks will be especially appreciated!

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Heather Kirtland said...

It certainly seems like this is a start to something. I absolutely LOVE the circus idea. I've always wanted to do circus series, just haven't gotten there yet. I love the bunting, and I feel like the circles should be inside the space, but I don't know how. Not sure how helpful that was! I like the direction you're headed in.