summer now

I can't believe summer vacation is already here. It's glorious in Wisconsin, this time of year. I was really, really busy these last two months- getting teh garden going, diving into some landscaping projects, painting, wallpapering, hosting nearly 50 friends and family members for a 40th B-day party for my main man...all sorts of stuff that I love seeing on other people's blogs. But sorry...I rarely stop to photograph the stuff that keeps me busiest.

Happily, I did claim a little time in the studio last week as well- and managed to get a decent shot to show you:

And now- it's time to race off again- this time to soccer camp, nature camp, invention camp & boy scout camp...as well as lazy days swimming in little lakes, cook outs with friends and s'mores with kids. Summer calls...I'll try my hardest to post along the way...but please understand if I don't because I'm just hanging out, soaking it in!



betsy best-spadaro said...

There's nothing like an upper mid-west summer...with kids! my kids were raised in the NW but fondly remember summer visits to michigan...hot, muggy days, swimming in lakes, eating corn on the cob purchased from a roadside stand, counting fireflies...sigh. enjoy!

chezkimberly said...

happy summer! that all sounds delightful. wish i could zap myself there to swim in lakes with you! xo!