july check-in

midsummer days

Hello! just a quick post- so that I can say that I posted at least once each month this summer! Here's a little July painting I did...I'm having fun grabbing little bits of time in the studio here and there, so have a few more pieces on cradeled boards wrapping up. Then I think I'll get back to working on paper- I've got the urge to do more layering and stitching and fastening and stuff.

Other than that- we've been: vactioning at family farms, swimming at cousins' pools, splashing in Wisconsin lakes and rivers, biking, scootering, tree-forting, taking flying lessons, catching bugs (one of which is a praying mantis- who's living happily in a habitat on the kitchen counter- which is requiring lots and lots more bug-catching on our part, so we can feed him!), going to camps, squirting squirt-guns, picking strawberries, harvesting carrots, going to farmer's market, grilling out, lighting sparklers, drinking summery cocktails, getting sunburns, reading books, staying up late and sleeping in late. In general- we've been cavorting through the month. I wish I had more pictures to share- you'll have to use your imagination!

And now- on to August!


betsy best-spadaro said...

Sounds like the description of a perfect summer!

bigBANG studio said...

ditto what betsy said, and the birds are SO, so beautiful. I think that one up top (april promise) must be a cactus wren, non? xo.