the long absence

Well, Happy New Year!

Completely ridiculous ~ how long it's been since my last post, I know and I'm really sorry! I had an amazing time at the Cedarburg Holiday Arts Fair in early December, and already can't wait for next year's show. The miniatures show at the Art Bar was also a great success. I am so thankful to everyone who stopped in at the shows and said nice things to me, and overwhelmed by the fact that so, so many of you liked my work enough to take it home with you. It was such an encouraging end to the year, and it is such fun knowing that some of my art is out there making people happy.

returning 2012 (sold)

The shows and the sales were followed by a wonderful and busy holiday season that ushered in 2012 with lots of great family time. I really think I've got the best people in the world in my life...I hope you do too.

The one negative of the last two months was the undeniable decline of our computers. We had been limping along with a 10 year old PC that could basically barely handle turning on ~ let alone running complicated programs like photo editing or the internet. Thus the quiet blog.

Until last night! We spent the day sledding at my parents' house, and then watching an amazing slideshow of sledding photos my dad put together on his Mac. Then we chatted with an aunt in Florida and my brother & nephews in Washington on FaceTime. And something in our "we have to save money! we're on a budget!" mantra just broke. My husband took the long way home past the mall, and came home an hour later with our new baby: A beautiful desktop Mac that loves to show us our photos, run multiple programs and just generally make us happy any way it can. Yay!

I think I've said before that I've never been one to journal very regularly. So I'm not saying the new computer will make some sort of uber-blogger. But I am hoping to be a little more frequent. I also may *gasp* open up an etsy shop again...stay tuned!


Jennifer Johansson said...

You will love your Mac! I can't live without mine. We use FaceTime almost every day with our family being far away now. Love the piece you posted here!

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for commenting...I've been looking for you- but blogger keeps telling me your blog doesn't exist...do you have a new one?

Jennifer Johansson said...

I did change my blog address:

Heather Kirtland said...

Love the work above! You'll love the MAC, it may entice you to blog more too! It's so much fun to play with it's addicting. Can't wait to see more work soon.

Jenny Blair said...

Hi there Megan! How lovely it was to "hear" from you! I've been a bit remiss on keeping up with everyone else in bloggy world but it's so wonderful to come visit and see how busy you have been...wow! LOTS of creativity and gorgeous work (as usual!) going on...and a new computer too...sweeeet! :)
Looking forward to seeing lots of future bloggy posts hehe! :)x