venturing off my beaten path

I think I finished a new piece today:


So...no actual subject in this piece. There was one there, but it felt so forced - so it got covered over and reworked and here's where I am.

I have to say, I really like it. But I've not done any completely non-representational work yet, and I find myself wondering if this piece is valid if it's not really about a thing? Or maybe I'm needing just a small bit of encouragement to help me listen to the inner voice that's trying to tell me Hey- this works! It's done- be happy!

Anyone have any comments or constructive criticism for me?

update- after such helpful feedback, leading to just a little change:



Other creative energies have been going toward a certain 6-year old's Harry Potter birthday party. My youngest turns 7 at the end of the month, which marks the last 'themed' birthday party I plan on throwing (after this it's the ol' invite some friends to a bowling alley for an hour). I tend to pour a LOT of creative energy into their parties- and have a ton of fun doing so. Themes in the past have been Construction, Outer Space, Bionicles, Bakugons, Science Experiments and Insects. I love that we're going out with Harry Potter as the last one- we're all huge fans.

I've never been great about posting pics of the parties in the past- but this time, I'm going to use up a little blog-space to show it off.

So far, we've sent the invites, and I've labeled jars for potions ingredients:

More to come!


Heather Kirtland said...

I really like it!! I don't think you need a subject. It seems cohesive without it. The only thing I wonder is if it needs something above the 1.00 marking. But I'm not sure. It may be done. (I guess I'm not helping).
So funny I just came from my studio with the same conundrum. I had to walk away because I not sure where the weight of the piece is.
It's exciting that your moving in a new direction!! Happy creating!

betsy best-spadaro said...

hi megan! maybe the 'thing' is line, shape, edges, color. it's important to do work you enjoy and that excites you. listen to that inner voice. it's usually right. btw, i've always like your use of layering and pattern; in this piece i'm drawn to your scalloped border and the brilliant orange peeking out around and through(?) the brown rectangle. (also, am v. impressed with and vicariously exhausted by your thematic b-day parties!)

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Hey you guys! Thanks so much for the comments- they're so thoughtful and definitive. I sometimes think we're all too 'careful' in our comments...and working alone at home means I really put stuff up here with hopes that someone will offer a very real critique- so I thank you! xo

Jennifer Mullin Johansson said...

Megan, this is cool! I enjoy the looseness of this and the little pops of salmon red throughout.

My one suggestion would be to play with the black string a bit. It's about the same "size" as the circle. I might take the string up and off the top edge of the brown paper it sits on.

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

I really like that suggestion, Jennifer- I've been walking past this piece throughout the day, and am feeling that there's something that needs to be done about the large field of brown, but I didn't want to be too heavy handed- I'm going to play with your idea. Thanks so much!