standing guard


Hello! Here's a little piece I finished up this week. I found a wonderful old book about mushrooms...I always think these guys have so much personality- must be the early influence of Fantasia when I was a kid.

No real time to post, I'm afraid- I'm knee deep in clean up and final prep for a birthday weekend. I may have taken on a little much in the detail-department for the Harry Potter party. I finally admitted this to myself while whittling ten wands from sticks collected on walks. Be that as it may, I'm having fun - here's hoping the kiddos have fun too!


Jaimie/StrawberryRedHead said...

Love the piece!

I wish someone would throw ME a Harry Potter birthday. :) How fun!

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Thanks, Jamie! I'll admit that most of what I'm putting together for the party is totally what I want to do...hoping it translates well to a gaggle of 7 yos!

Heather Kirtland said...

I love it!! The composition is lovely. Good luck this weekend :-). Can't wait to see the pictures.