regularly scheduled blogging


I'm feeling motivated to be more regular in my blogging. I've been working out my schedule these days- between making art, volunteering and family-life- and I realize I'm ready to let the art part take a more up-front position. 

I spent last week polishing up my photos and submitting to some art fairs and one gallery. I was supremely disappointed by a rejection last year, and realized that I really let that scare me off of making other submissions. I am a classic perfectionist- and if something doesn't go 'just right', I tend to want to just quit it all together. So in an effort to relax that part of me, I am committing to sending out submissions until I get another show, and then more after that to keep me rolling. If I suffer more rejection in the mean time- well, it's high time I learn that that doesn't define me- it just means it wasn't a good fit. (If you have any suggestions for galleries or shows that might be the right fit- let me know!)

This week I'm beginning some new pieces, using a wonderful 1940's guide to Ferns, published by the Natural History Museum in New York. I found the book in an antique shop in Madison in January...so lucky! I love, love, love ferns, and am hoping to capture a little of their quiet spring-ness in these new pieces.

I'll show you them as they progress- but will also be showing them over on Heather Kirtland's blog- as she's come up with the wonderful idea of hosting an online critique once in a while. I am so looking forward to this. The comments I received on my last post were incredibly helpful- not only with the piece, but with making me feel like this blog-world is slowly helping me build a bit of an artistic community- which was really my whole point in starting a blog. So, yay, Heather! Thank you for getting this going- I hope we have lots of participants!


Jennifer Mullin Johansson said...

The new piece looks good! What shows are you applying too? I'm going to try to do one a month during the spring/summer/fall. I do the Greenwich Village Art Fair at the Rockford Art museum every year and do very well at it. I'd definitely recommend that one!

Heather Kirtland said...

Megan, I love the above post! And yay for you for finding a rhythm. I've sent my first (in almost 2 years!) juried show entry out this week. Can't hurt, right?
Good luck!
I am so excited for our critiques too!

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Jennifer- I remember you talking about the Rockford art fair last year on your blog- I'm thinking I might make a little day trip for myself and come check it out this summer- so be sure to post details on your blog.

So far, I've limited myself to shooting for 2 spring/summer art fairs- I'm already booked again for the Winter one for 2012. I'm also sending out feelers for small gallery opportunities in the MIlwaukee and Madison areas. Someday I'll buck up the courage and try for the Enormous Tiny Art show in Portsmouth again. :)