new approach


Here's a quick shot of a new piece. I decided this time to use a bird image of my own creation. Until now I've used images pulled from vintage birding books, in keeping with the use of vintage ephemera. I also love the very precise style of the ink drawings I've found. But using actual images from actual books means I'm limited in terms of sizing and orientation...and once they're used, they're gone until I find another book. In part, I like that limitation, but I realize I also want to be able to keep working without limitations on material.

I drew this bird on the end-leaf of an old book, and I'm quite proud of it, technically speaking. The drawing gives a very different feel here, though, compared to the my other works and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'd love your input- hearing other perspectives always helps.

Next week I'll post some new cards and gift tags I've been working on for a show coming up in June. Have a great weekend!

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anne said...

Megan, I love your bird pieces.I love that this one is your own. beautiful.