remember these?

I am so excited...the above are images you may recognize- they're are all pieces I did over the past year.  And though (lucky, lucky, lucky me) they all sold in my summer show, I'm able to post them again because I've ventured into the confusing world of having high-end prints made! So yep- the above are prints- which I'll be selling framed and unframed versions of at that Cedarburg Arts Weekend I keep going on and on about. They really turned out so nicely- check out the detail: (I think my camera's a little out of focus- but really, the scan and the print picked up so much detail- all of the layers and textures look so real!)

And now for something new, sort of:  Here's the final version of one of the images I posted in progress a few weeks ago...I love it, it feels friendly and sweet and easy to be around:

full circle

I'll be back with another one on Friday - my submission to Cathy Nichols' Found Art Friday. Imagine that- I'll have put up 5 posts in September then- whew!


Jennifer Mullin said...

The prints look great! Good luck at the Cedarburg show.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Congrats on the sales and whew hoo! to the giclees. How much are they? Good luck with the sale!

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Thanks guys!
Mary- the prints are $50 framed, $32 unframed...we'll see if they sell- it's always a little daunting to make the investment up front, then hope you get re-paid! :)