spit happens

Ok, firstly: sorry for the dorky title to this post.

Secondly: Thank you guys, so much- for your encouraging and heartwarming responses to my last post...it was so nice to hear from you. We are past (for the moment) yelling at five year olds. We are still wondering about weird medical questions. We are still letting it all unfold...boy- being human is humbling, isn't it?

But enough about that- I have better stuff to share today. I am breaking from the norm, and sharing more about my family. I figure that if my introduction to my 5-year old was focused on his frustrating-ness, he deserved a second shot at making a first impression. So I thought I'd share these words of wisdom I found he had meticulously penned (penciled), illustrated and cut out at the kitchen table a few nights ago:

Can you read that? Spit is posibel (sic) to get on your face from your own mouth. Above, we see a person demonstrating: ptthbilet.

What do we say about this gem? Personally, I find it brilliant and think his penmanship is wonderful. He assured me that it is indeed a fact. I assure you, that this work is a perfect example of Zachary's Zachary-ness, so you can consider yourself properly introduced!


And though I've been quiet on the blog-front this month, I wanted to also let you know that I've got a few new pieces brewing:

I'll be back next week with shot of them completed...I always love seeing how they change.

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Jenny Blair said...

heeheeeee, you have brightened my day...or rather your beautiful boy has :)I thInk we have found a new and genius quote for bumper stickers :)LOVE IT!
Can't wait to see your brewing pieces finished. xx