I have to admit to being a little ~in limbo~ at the moment. Had a rough start to the day- loud yelling at a frustrating 5-year old, coupled with worrisome medical concerns about someone I love. In short: some things within my control were not handled well, and some things outside of my control are making me sit tight until I have more information. It's all just reminding me that I need to take deep breaths and trust in my ability to at least take deep breaths. I'm being patient...and thinking about how sometimes things just have to unfold at their own pace.

The above painting is doing that. I've been working off of a truly happy, cheerful vibe this week- which is the feeling that started this piece, but even though the feeling I'm working from is strong and clear, this piece has been really slow and uncertain in its coming-together-ness! I've nearly given up a few times, but then I get a little jolt of inspiration- go back in the studio and add a few lines of an unexpected, but perfectly right color, and re-commit to let it keep unfolding.

I guess that's just what I'm doing today: committing to wait for the moments that let me know that however unclear the process- I've got to trust that we're all going to get to where we're going. I realize that I think less and less that life is about controlling your own journey- and more that it's about keeping your eyes wide open and your breath steady while you're on it.


anne said...

This blog entry is touching and resonates so much with me. This little house is so strong and sturdy, yet is on uneven ground - so how I feel sometimes. And, you really can't control the environment around you, but you can be the best sturdy and sheltering self you can be within that. Keeping your face forward and your heart open to what unfolds. I appreciate how you've addressed this sentiment so honestly with your words and your image. I love it!

Thanks for your comment on my blog by the way - totally made me smile and gave me joy!

Anonymous said...

I agree lady! and I couldn't have said it better myself!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...


Sincerely hoping for the best for you and yours....And I love the painting.

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

thanks so much for the comments, ladies...you've made my day!

Linda Zenke said...

as beautifully said as is your piece. keep going and hang on. we all want to be on the other side of things, but strength does come in the storm. happy creating and love from you fellow fishie.

rachel awes said...

your unfolding is clearly
b e a u t i f u l.

chezkimberly said...

such a wonderful, wonderful post, megan. thank you!